And the Devil Makes Three;

I got a cute boy’s number and also Taco Bell

Can you guess which one I’m more excited about?

(Hint: it has cheese and a soft shell)

God save King Harry, Unking’d Richard says


Inspired by the last year’s RSC David Tennant production of Richard II. Available as a print on my Society 6


These are original witch characters that I might write a story about if I were smarter.

Each girl represents each of the elements, and each girl specializes in the corresponding elemental magick (herbal magick, divination, candle magick, potions).

I took a lot of care in designing/choosing their appearances, personalities, fashion styles, and names in accordance to their element as well :>

I just

Don’t know what I’m doing really


I might start playing Star Wars the Old Republic tonight due to peer pressure, discuss

No not KOTOR, the mmo thingy that went F2P like forever ago. I hear mixed things but my friends want me to jump in with them



what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

god’s work